ALMAS, the Alianza de Mujeres Activas y Solidarias, or in English, the Women’s Action and Solidarity Alliance, is the domestic worker organizing project of Centro Laboral de Graton.

The mission of ALMAS is to build the power of domestic workers… with love

ALMAS organizes with women workers at CLG, and with domestic workers throughout Sonoma County to engage them in leadership and workforce development opportunities so that they can advocate for their rights as workers, as women, and as immigrants.

ALMAS / CLG  is a member of the steering committee of the California Domestic Worker Coalition, and the National Domestic Workers Alliance.

ALMAS members were instrumental in advocating for the passage of AB241, the CA Domestic Worker Bill of Rights, which was signed into law in September 2013 by Governor Jerry Brown. With this historic legislation, CA has become the first state to extend basic over time protections to all domestic workers.

ALMAS members gather at the Graton Day Labor Center, and in committees in Sonoma Valley, Santa Rosa, and west Sonoma County to discuss their collective struggles, and to find common solutions.

ALMAS members are part of a growing global movement that honors the invaluable work of domestic workers, and they are doing it… with love!

ALMAS needs your support! Please donate to CLG today and write “ALMAS” in the memo line

To send a contribution specifically for ALMAS, please mail your check to: Centro Laboral de Graton Box 42, Graton CA 95444