Domestic Workers

Domestic Workers do the work that makes all other work possible. They are housecleaners, childcare providers, and caregivers for the elderly and for people with disabilities. Domestic work is important, and vital work that serves individual families in their homes. Unfortunately, because of historical racism and the devaluing of women and women’s work, domestic workers have had to fight so that their work is seen, valued, and treated with justice and dignity.

Central to the mission of CLG is to advance and protect the dignity of domestic workers, and the work they do that is so important for the functioning and sustainability of our communities and economy. We are proud to partner with employers who share these values, and are interested in creating respectful employment relationships with domestic workers.

At this time, CLG is only matching employers with housecleaners. Pending future resources and capacity, we may start a training and job matching program for caregivers and child care providers.

Hire a housecleaning through CLG by calling 707-829-1864